The agro-industry is faced with a wide range of specific laws and regulations. The European regulators dominate most of these matters, from ‘feed’ to ‘food’. Animal welfare, food safety, manure policy, subsidies … not only are regulated in a very complex manner, but also are under strict supervision of the authorities and in the attention of the media.

Our unique expertise in this sector is a direct result of the importance of agro-business for the Campine. For many decades Schuermans advocaten has been providing advice on virtually all legal issues the agricultural industry may face, and represents some of Europe’s most important players in the cattle-, pig-, poultry- and livestock feed market and in the manure processing sector.

Our practice includes:

  • feed
  • food
  • labelling, packaging and distribution of food products
  • food safety and hygiene
  • permits
  • certifications
  • tenancy
  • subsidies
  • charges
  • animal welfare.


Successful rejection of a claim for the acquisition under the law of inheritance regarding farms.

Rejection of substantial damages claimed by a farmer who argued to be a tenant for not offering the pre-emption right.

Drafting of various contracts, including production contracts for the Belgian market leader in the composting of waste and washing of agricultural products.

Advice and procedures for a leading Belgian company in the broiler industry in response to the dioxin crisis. 

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