WETTELIJKE INFORMATIE i.t.v. Artikel III.74 Wetboek economisch recht
INFORMATION LÉGALE conformément à l’Article III.74 du Code de droit économique
LEGAL INFORMATION pursuant to Section III.74 of the Code of economic law

De Nederlandstalige versie van deze wettelijke informatie is beschikbaar op eerste verzoek. La version française de la présente information légale est disposible à première demande.

1. Your lawyer and his office

Mr. Luc Schuermans, Mr. Jean-Luc Schuermans, Mr. Tom Hens, Mr. Kathleen Crommen, Mr. Ben De Groof, Mr. Koen Van den Wyngaert and Mr. Andries Gobert practice the profession of lawyer as partner of Schuermans advocaten bv, an association (as defined in the ‘Reglement van de Orde van Vlaamse Balies van 8 november 2006 betreffende samenwerkingsverbanden tussen advocaten en betreffende eenpersoonsvennootschappen’) with registered office at 2300 Turnhout, the Merodelei 112, and with company number 0473.667.628 and with following offices in Belgium:

  • 2300 Turnhout, de Merodelei 112; and
  • 2018 Antwerp, Broederminstraat 9.

They are lawyers in Belgium and registered with the Antwerp province bar association. They appeal to lawyers non-partners, registered at the same bar.

You can reach them by e-mail on the general email address info@schuermans-law.be or on their personal e-mail addresses as stated on www.schuermans-law.be

Their professional liability is insured by the insurance policies undersigned by Schuermans advocaten bv, including in first rank at MS Amlin Insurance for an amount of up to 2.500.000,00 EUR

The policies provide cover around the world, subject to the clarifications and exceptions contained therein. Their professional liability may be invoked only to the extent of this coverage and subject to these insurers providing effective coverage.

2. Your lawyer and his services

You can contact them for, inter alia, legal advice and representation in litigation. The content of their services is specified in their correspondence with you. The general terms and conditions of Schuermans advocaten bv can be consulted on www.schuermans-law.be.

3. For information or complaints

If you require additional information or want to file a complaint, you can reach them by mail on the address: 2300 Turnhout, de Merodelei 112; by phone on the number +32 14 43 77 18; by fax on the number +32 14 42 40 59; by e-mail on the general email address info@schuermans-law.be or on their personal e-mail addresses as stated on www.schuermans-law.be.

4. What does your lawyer cost?

The price of their services include the agreed fees and expenses, depending among other things on the nature of the case, extent, specialty, complexity and urgency.

5. Professional rules and codes of conduct

They are subject to the regulations of the Flemish bar association and the Antwerp province bar association which can be requested via info@balieantwerpen.be.

6. Extrajudicial dispute resolution

Schuermans advocaten bv is for disputes about fees and expenses subject to extrajudicial dispute resolution as provided in aforementioned regulations.