De Nederlandstalige versie van deze wettelijke informatie is beschikbaar op eerste verzoek. La version française de la présente information légale est disposible à première demande.

  1. Schuermans advocaten bv is a Belgian company of lawyers, with registered office in Turnhout (Belgium) and offices in Turnhout and Antwerp. It aims to practice the legal profession and this in the broadest sense, including legal advice and representation in litigation.
  2. The correspondence, advice, opinions, submissions and other written documents issued by Schuermans advocaten bv are protected by copyright and may not be used or reproduced in any way without explicit prior written consent. Said intellectual property rights remain with Schuermans advocaten bv, unless otherwise explicitly agreed.
  3. Any liability of Schuermans advocaten bv and its lawyers may be invoked only to the extent of the coverage of its professional liability insurance, subject to these insurers providing effective coverage.
  4. In accordance with article 444, second paragraph of the Judicial Code, Schuermans advocaten bv refers to the other possibilities to resolve a dispute, such as classic direct negotiation, collaborative negotiation, the amicable court settlement, mediation, binding third-party decision or arbitration. More information on these alternative approaches can be consulted at the website
  5. Unless explicitly stipulated otherwise, any request for payment of Schuermans advocaten bv is due and payable within fifteen calendar days from the date thereof. In the absence of timely payment, the amount due shall automatically and without notice, be increased with 10%, with a minimum of 250,00 EUR, without prejudice to the right to claim compensation for the actual damage. In the absence of timely payment Schuermans advocaten bv is besides the right to suspend its services, also entitled to charge a conventional late payment interest equal to the rate as stipulated in Article 5 of the Statute of August 2, 2002 for delayed payments.
  6. Only Belgian law applies to arguments with Schuermans advocaten bv with the exclusion of international treaties. Only the Peace Court of Turnhout and the Commercial Court of Antwerp, department of Turnhout are competent for disputes arising from these agreements.
  7. All clauses in these terms and conditions also apply for the benefit of both the lawyer-partners of Schuermans advocaten bv and the lawyer-non partners upon who they call, or have called upon.
  8. In case of uncertainty, only the Dutch version of these terms and conditions is binding.