Real estate and construction

The real estate sector has its own dynamics. The added value of a lawyer is closely related to his knowledge of the practices in the sector and the role of the various parties involved. Negotiations, seeking the golden mean, thinking out-of-the-box … are skills needed to find solutions which are not only legally correct, but also practically feasible.

Schuermans advocaten has extensive experience in assisting developers, investors, contractors, owners and tenants, within the context of real estate projects (industrial, commercial and private projects).

Our practice includes:

  • sale and purchase
  • real estate leasing
  • lease, commercial rental, house rental
  • co-ownership
  • building rights
  • leasehold
  • easements and servitudes
  • usufruct
  • construction agreements
  • engineering agreements
  • architect agreements
  • liability of contractors, engineers and architects
  • technical surveys.


Dispute between the participants in project developments, including on accounts, payments and put/call options.

Successful rejection of the claim of an estate broker in payment of his commission due to abuse of law.

Rejection of the claim against a CAR-insurer for damages on a construction site on the grounds of a (correct) interpretation of the wording in an exclusion clause.

Contesting a claim for liability for (alleged) errors in the construction of a manure storage basin.

Contesting the offer / exercise of pre-emption rights in the sale of a property.

Defence of an association of co-owners faced with the recovery of penalty payments to the benefit of an adjacent owner: the forfeiture was revoked.