IP, market practices, ICT and (new) media

The dynamics caused by technology and media are huge. The law barely keeps up with new developments. Marketeers, entrepreneurs, artists and other creative persons are driven by the many possibilities and opportunities. However, they must not lose sight of the legal framework and the legal risks.

Schuermans advocaten has built a solid reputation in the field of IT projects and represents both (international) software developers and (large) users including banks and insurance companies.

Our practice includes:

  • trademarks
  • patents
  • copyrights
  • market practices
  • domain names
  • e-commerce
  • licensing and IT contracts
  • R&D contracts
  • privacy.


For one of the biggest online platforms for ads, a procedure was initiated for trademark infringement and use of a misleading name. Following a decision by the Court of Appeal the opposing party was ordered to discontinue the use of the name.

Before the Court of The Hague a procedure was initiated for a major manufacturer of concrete products on the grounds of patent infringement. The Court rejected the annulment arguments invoked against the patent, and ruled that the infringement was established.

On behalf of a leading company in the shipping sector the annulment of a patent of a competitor was requested. The Commercial Court declared the patent partially invalid.

Settlement between a Belgian organizer of a film festival and a Dutch company active in the cultural sector, after the latter’s infringement of a registered trademark.