Business law and contracts

The best way to prevent problems and disputes with customers and suppliers, are clear and conclusive agreements and contracts. Schuermans advocaten assists and advises enterprises for their small and large projects and in their commercial relationships.

An essential part thereof is the drafting and screening of various types of contracts, such as:

  • purchase- and sale contracts
  • general terms and conditions
  • (commercial) lease and tenancy agreements
  • distribution agreements
  • agency agreements
  • franchising agreements
  • licensing agreements
  • cooperation agreements (joint ventures).


Defence of a Belgian consultant of a Dutch electricity producer in a CEPANI arbitration in the context of green power certificates.

Contesting a forfeiting agreement on the grounds of fraud.

Rejection of a claim for the transfer to the South African authorities of seized lots of metal ores.

English CEPANI arbitration by an electronics conglomerate to challenge the Swedish import duties on Chinese digicorders.

Drafting of an R&D agreement between a Belgian concrete manufacturer and a German manufacturer of chemicals.

Drafting of an agency agreement between a Belgian software developer and its Irish representative.

Drafting of distribution agreements for the distribution inside and outside of Europe of polymer adhesives and maintenance products.

Procurement in the context of the extension of the life sciences plant of a French pharmaceutical group.